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COMBO -ENERGY | ACTION | BLOSSOM | 2*100ml | 500gms


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Item Form Liquid, pellets
Item Weight 2*100ml, 500gm
Brand LaKrishi Organics
Purpose of use Fungus, Plant & Root growth, Enhancement of Soil & Plant.

How To Use:

Terra Liquids:

Dilute 3-5 ml  Per lit of water, then spray to all plants.

Use once in 15 days in early mornings  or before sunset  for better results.

Terra Solids:

Potted flowers : spread 15 –20 Grams around the plant and cover with the soil
Lawns: 30 to 60 gram spread per square meter is suggested.
Garden Plants: 30 –35 grams to be mixed with soil to be spread on and around the plants


100% Organic

Made with all-natural ingredients to nourish your plants without harmful chemicals.

Pet Friendly

Safe for your furry friends. No toxic ingredients that could harm them.


 Sustainable sourcing and production methods. Kind to the Earth.

Promotes Growth

Boosts plant growth and health, ensuring lush, green plants.


Store in a cool, dry place away from children.

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Potassium humate liquid enriches soil with essential nutrients and enhances plant growth. It improves soil structure, water retention, and nutrient uptake efficiency. Benefits include increased crop yield, stress tolerance, and root development. It promotes sustainable agriculture by
optimizing nutrient utilization and fostering healthier plants in various crops.


Bio fungicides are natural alternatives to synthetic fungicides, promoting sustainable plant disease management. They harness beneficial microorganisms or plant extracts to suppress fungal infections. Benefits include reduced chemical exposure, enhanced soil health, and
minimized fungicide resistance. They support eco-friendly agriculture by maintaining plant vitality and yield.


Mixed neem pellets are organic fertilizers and NPK. They release nutrients gradually, enhancing soil fertility and plant growth. Simultaneously, they deter pests due to neem's natural properties. Benefits encompass improved soil health, reduced pest damage, and sustainable agriculture
practices, fostering robust crop yields.


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