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Botanical Fungicide

TERRA ACTION is a type of biological fungicide formulated from living microorganisms or natural substances that are used to control fungal diseases in plants. Unlike chemical fungicides, which are synthetic compounds, biofungicides offer an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to disease management in agriculture and horticulture.

Microorganisms: TERRA ACTION contain beneficial microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses, that actively combat fungal pathogens. These microorganisms can either directly attack the fungi or induce systemic resistance in plants, enhancing their natural defense mechanisms against diseases.

Natural substances: TERRA ACTION is derived from natural compounds found in plants or other organic sources. These substances have antifungal properties and can inhibit the growth and development of fungal pathogens.

Mode of action: TERRA ACTION work through various mechanisms, including parasitism, competition, antibiosis, and induction of plant defenses. For instance, some biofungal agents might infect the fungal pathogen, consume its nutrients, and ultimately kill it. Others may produce antimicrobial compounds that suppress the growth of harmful fungi.

Eco-friendly and sustainable: One of the primary advantages of TERRA ACTION is their environmentally friendly nature. Since they are made from natural sources and do not leave harmful residues, they do not contribute to soil and water pollution, and they have minimal impact on non-target organisms.

Resistance management: Frequent use of chemical fungicides can lead to the development of resistant fungal strains. TERRA ACTION provide an alternative mode of action, which can help reduce the risk of resistance development and preserve the effectiveness of disease management strategies.

Integrated Disease Management: TERRA ACTION are often used in combination with other cultural practices and methods, such as crop rotation, proper sanitation, and resistant plant varieties. This integrated approach enhances disease control and reduces the dependence on chemical fungicides.

Application: TERRA ACTION can be applied preventatively to protect plants from fungal infections or curatively to manage established fungal diseases. They can be used in various agricultural settings, including field crops, orchards, vineyards, and greenhouse productions.

How to use: Dilute 3 – 5 ml per lit of water, then spray to all plants before flowering. Use once in 15 days in morning or evening for better results .

It’s important to note that TERRA ACTION, like any pest management tool, may have specific limitations and considerations depending on the target pathogen, environmental conditions, and crop species. Proper application timing and dosage are crucial for achieving optimal results with biofungicides.

Overall, TERRA ACTION play a vital role in sustainable agriculture by offering effective, safe, and environmentally friendly alternatives to chemical fungicides, contributing to improved disease management and overall crop health.

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