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TERRA BLOOM with flower mix are a specialized type of soil amendment and organic fertilizer designed specifically for flowering plants and ornamentals. These granules combine the benefits of humic substances with a carefully selected blend of flower seeds, creating a comprehensive product that promotes healthy plant growth and enhances the beauty of flower gardens.

Key characteristics and uses of TERRA BLOOM with flower mix include:

Nutrient-rich: TERRA BLOOM with flower mix contain humic substances, which improve soil structure and nutrient availability. The addition of organic matter supports beneficial microbial activity, nutrient cycling, and enhances soil fertility, providing a rich and nurturing environment for flowering plants.

Improved germination: TERRA BLOOM in the mix can help enhance seed germination by providing an ideal environment for seedling development. The humic substances promote root growth and nutrient absorption, giving the flower seeds a better start in the soil.

Soil conditioning: The addition of TERRA BLOOM helps improve soil structure, increasing water retention capacity and aeration. This fosters healthy root development, allowing the flowering plants to access nutrients and water more efficiently.

Nutrient retention: Humic substances in the TERRA BLOOM have a high cation exchange capacity (CEC), which enables them to retain and release nutrients gradually to plants. This slow-release mechanism reduces nutrient leaching and ensures a steady and sustained supply of nutrients to support flower growth.

Environmentally friendly: TERRA BLOOM with flower mix are eco-friendly and safe for the environment. They are derived from natural sources and do not contain harmful chemicals, making them suitable for organic gardening and sustainable landscaping practices.

Easy application: TERRA BLOOM can be easily applied to the soil during planting or used as a top dressing around established flower beds. They can be used in various gardening settings, including home gardens, landscapes, and floral displays.

How to use: Mix HUMIC GRANULES  with soil @ 25 gms per small & 50 gms Big Pot

TERRA BLOOM can significantly enhance flower growth, bloom quality, and overall garden aesthetics. The combination of humic substances and a diverse flower mix makes it a valuable tool for creating beautiful and healthy flower gardens.

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