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Item Form Pellet
Item Weight 1kg, 500 Grams
Purpose of use Enhancement of Soil & Plant
Brand LaKrishi Organics

How To Use:

Potted flowers : spread 15 –20 Grams around the plant and cover with the soil

Lawns: 30 to 60 gram spread per square meter is suggested.

Garden Plants: 30 –35 grams to be mixed with soil to be spread on and around the plants

100% Organic

Made with all-natural ingredients to nourish your plants without harmful chemicals.

Pet Friendly

Safe for your furry friends. No toxic ingredients that could harm them.


 Sustainable sourcing and production methods. Kind to the Earth.

Promotes Growth

Boosts plant growth and health, ensuring lush, green plants.


Store in a cool, dry place away from children.

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TERRA BLOSSOM are a type of organic fertilizer that combines the nutrient-rich properties of neem, castor, pungamia, and mahua (muava) seeds. Each of these seeds is known for its unique beneficial properties, making the combination of these ingredients a potent and balanced organic fertilizer.

Neem: Neem seeds are rich in essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as several bioactive compounds, including azadirachtin. Neem has natural pesticidal and insect-repelling properties, making it effective in controlling pests and diseases in plants.

Castor: Castor seeds contain a high amount of nitrogen, an essential element for promoting vigorous vegetative growth in plants. The nitrogen content in castor helps plants develop lush foliage and supports their overall health and productivity.

Pungamia (Pongamia): Pungamia seeds are a valuable source of phosphorus, which is critical for root development, flower and fruit formation, and overall energy transfer within the plant. Phosphorus enhances early establishment of seedlings and improves crop yields.

Mahua (Mahuwa): Mahua seeds contribute to the mix with their potassium content. Potassium plays a crucial role in strengthening plant cell walls, regulating water uptake, and enhancing disease resistance.

The combination of these seeds in TERRA BLOSSOM offers a balanced nutrient profile that supports various stages of plant growth and development. The presence of natural pesticides from neem seeds helps protect plants from insect pests and disease-causing pathogens.

TERRA BLOSSOM are commonly used in agriculture, horticulture, and organic gardening. They can be applied directly to the soil during planting or used as a top dressing for established plants. The slow-release nature of the pellets ensures a steady and gradual supply of nutrients to plants, minimizing nutrient leaching and potential nutrient imbalances.

The organic nature of the TERRA BLOSSOM makes them safe for the environment, beneficial insects, and the overall ecosystem. Their use supports sustainable agriculture practices and helps maintain soil health and fertility.

Item Quantity

1kg, 500 Gms


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